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Chappie Chicken 3kg

Chappie Chicken 3kg

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 This 3-kilogram pack of Chappie Chicken and Wholegrain Cereal Dry Dog Food completes the nutrition in your dog's body and provides it with a delicious flavour in regular food. Made from high-quality ingredients, this Chappie dog food has crunchy kibbles to make every bite for your dog enjoyable and the one that makes their teeth strong. The high-protein and low-fat content in the recipe make their muscle and bones healthy as well as maintain their body weight, heart and cholesterol levels. The added vitamins and minerals like omega 3 and 6 fatty acids support their teeth, eyesight, nails, fur and coat. You can feed this kibble dog food to your dogs as per their weight. For an average adult dog of about 20-25 kilograms of weight, you can either serve 265 grams of this adult dog food or you can serve a mixture of 135 grams of this dry dog food with 1 can of wet dog food. You will love how your dogs will be addicted to its taste and how great their growth will turn out to be!

Product Benefits

  • Complete diet for dogs of all ages with balanced nutrients
  • Delicious chicken derivatives in the recipe to charm your dogs into healthy eating
  • Rich in protein and low in fat to maintain healthy body muscle mass and strength
  • Fibre content to support the dog's immune system, digestive health and heart
  • Does not contain added sugars, artificial colours or flavours