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Pero Gold with Pasta 2kg

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"Say goodbye to your fussy dogs tendencies!

Pero Complete Meal for Fussy Eaters is a longstanding favourite with those fussy dogs!  This recipe is expertly blended and coated with natural cereals extracts, meat meal and poultry oil to give your dog a moist and extremely tasty meal. Pasta is also added to provide a valuable source of carbohydrate for sustainable energy.

Our Complete Meal for Fussy Eaters contains all of your dog’s daily vitamin and mineral requirements, ensuring that they are kept in tip top shape as well as tackling his/her fussy habits!"

Weight of Dog(kg)

Daily Feed(g)

1-5 30-100
5-10 90-185
10-20 150-310
20-30 255-420
30-40 350-520
 40+ 450+